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Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice that treated some of the most complex ailments before modern healthcare took over. However, in India, a large number of Ayurveda practitioners are still thriving despite modern medicine. People visit Ayurvedic doctors seeking treatment, detoxification, and a better lifestyle with the help of this ancient Indian science. Ayurveda is still followed by billions of people as they believe in the unblemished purity of this sacred science that promotes better, safer, longer-lasting healthcare than most other medical practices. With more than 20 years of experience, blended with expertise, Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Rishikesh has been successful in marking the presence of ancient Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments to hundreds of satisfied and healthy patients.

How We Diagnose at Ayurveda Wellness Center Rishikesh

Ayurvedic therapies impact and transform the entire being; it is a complete education into a new way of life and relieves one from deep-rooted toxins. Panchkarma is a comprehensive Ayurvedic system used to purify the body of toxins. It consists of many forms of therapy designed to prevent or manage the dis-ease, restore balance, and rejuvenate the entire being. Although Panchkarma is used to treat serious and chronic conditions, it is also highly effective as a preventative treatment. It is a time-tested fact that the process of dis-ease starts in the aura of a human being and moves into the mental space and later manifests in the physical realm. This process is aggravated by not following healthy lifestyle patterns, and as a result, the toxin is produced in the body. Our body, by nature, tries to get rid of these toxins. This defensive act of the body is considered to be a dis-ease. Modern science tries to suppress the symptoms rather than attend to the root cause. The determination of the correct diagnosis reveals not only the damaged system or organ but also the reason for the damage as the way to recovery.

Three Steps of Ayurvedic Diagnosis

Darsana Pariksha
Done by observing the patient’s physical signs and symptoms, such as a color of skin, body condition, eyes, hair, behavior, etc.

Prasna Pariksha
Done by raising minute questions with regard to the imbalance of each Dosha..
Sparsana Pariksha
Done by touching the patient in which pulse diagnosis, palpation, percussion, and auscultation are included. The physician feels the radial artery pulsations on the patient’s wrist by which he grasps correctly the milieu interior. Two specific diagnostic procedures are employed in the above division are as follows:

Ashta Sthana Pariksha (Eight step diagnosis)

  • 1. Nadi (Pulse diagnosis)
  • 2. Jihwa (Examination of the tongue)
  • 3. Malam (Examination of stool)
  • 4. Mootram ( Examination of urine)
  • 5. Sabdam ( Examination of voice)
  • 6. Sparshanam ( Examination of body temperature)
  • 7. Drik ( Examination of the eyeball)
  • 8. Akriti (Examination of physique)

Dasavidha Pariksha (Ten step diagnosis)

  • 1. Dooshyam (Examination of all Dhatus and Doshas)
  • 2. Desam ( Examination of all surroundings)
  • 3. Balam ( Examination of strength)
  • 4. Kalam ( Examination of the season)
  • 5. Analam ( Examination Agni)
  • 6. Prakruti ( Examination body constitution)
  • 7. Vayas ( Examination age)
  • 8. Satwam ( Examination mental power))
  • 9. Satmyam ( Examination compatibility)
  • 10. Aaharam ( Examination food habits)

What is Panchakarma? Why is it necessary?

Panchkarma is a sophisticated process that includes specific Ayurveda and Siddha cathartic therapies to cleanse the body and the subconscious mind of their emotional and physical wastes. These treatments are body-friendly and natural. Panchkarma, a comprehensive Ayurvedic system, is used to purify the body and clear deep-rooted toxins. It consists of many forms of therapies designed to prevent or manage the disease, restore balance, and rejuvenate the entire being. Although Panchakarma is used to treat serious and chronic conditions, it is also highly effective as a preventative treatment. Panchkarma is a highly specialized and scientific form of ancient medicine. It consists of various aspects such as healing, energy, kindness, compassion, cooking, music, beauty, and colors.

Panchakarma treatment used for various common diseases:

Kashaya Dhara - Sleep Problems, Insomnia, Stress, Hair Fall
Greeva Basti - Psoriasis, Eczema, Scalp Lesions, Hairfall
Janu Basti - Neck Pain, Neck Spondylosis, Neck Arthritis
Kati Basti - Knee Pain, Knee Arthritis
Basti - Back Pain, Sciatica, Lumbar Spondylosis
Kizhi - Spine Arthritis, Spondylosis of Spine
NetraTarpanam - Eyes disorder
Padabhyanga - Vision Problems, Eye Strain, Headaches
Pizhichil - Paralysis
Shringara - Pain, Mental Stress, Immunity Problems
Thalapothichil - Skin Care
Udvartana - Weight Loss